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Electric Cars That Qualify for Federal Tax Credit to Change on April 18

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Rhode Islanders: Take Action for Clean Cars

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Phasing Out Fluorescent Light Bulbs Can Protect Health & Lower Energy Bills

Tesla’s Charging Network Is Opening Up

New Price Caps for Federal Tax Credit for Electric Cars

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$400 Million For Electric Car Charging in Massachusetts!

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New Year, New Federal Tax Credit for Electric Cars

Rhode Island’s 2022 Climate Plan Falls Short

Two states & their Decarbonization challenges

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Rhode Island Can & Must Phase Out Gas Cars

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Seriously, hydrogen is not for heating homes & businesses

Guest Blogpost: The Magic School Bus

New Electric School Buses Coming to Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Rebate Increased to $3,500

Another Data Point in Favor of Municipal Aggregation: Eversource Rate Hike

A Buyers’ Guide to EV Charging Speeds

Renewable Natural Gas & Hydrogen are NOT the Answers to Home Heating

Take Action On Rhode Island’s 2022 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan

Is Mass Save capable of phasing out natural gas?

Why are energy prices so high this winter & where are we headed?

Boston Globe Feature: How The DPU Is Preventing Communities From Lowering Utility Bills - And Carbon Emissions

What's Up With the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Rebate?

Plan Ahead: Cold Temperatures & Tight Supply Bring Higher Heating Costs this Winter

Why We Support the Fair Share Amendment

Take Action on Massachusetts’ 2050 Climate Plan

The biggest barrier to EV charging you’ve never heard of

Why We Need Building Performance Standards in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Why We Need a (Good) Clean Heat Standard – a message for Massachusetts & Rhode Island

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Massachusetts & Rhode Island

No New Gas Cars After 2035?

One Day, Two Kids, 600+ Miles: From Massachusetts to Virginia in an Electric Car

Guest Blogpost: Mass Fleet Advisor

The New Federal Tax Credit for EVs

What Candidates for RI Governor Think about Phasing Out Gasoline

Introducing QARI Drives Green - 绿色驾驶

We Like the Massachusetts Climate Bill. The Governor Must Sign It.

A murky future for RI's electric vehicle programs

How to "Shave the Peak" when the electric grid is dirtiest

The Electric Sector in the Massachusetts Clean Energy & Climate Plan

Buildings in the Massachusetts Clean Energy & Climate Plan

Transportation in the Massachusetts Clean Energy Climate Plan

Final Massachusetts Clean Energy & Climate Plan is Out. Now What?

How the Clean School Bus Program Can Transform Our School Bus Fleets

The RI General Assembly is taking the climate crisis seriously: a recap of the busiest legislative session

Rhode Island EV Rebate Program is Open for Applications

It's really hard to find an electric car right now

Green Power at Lower Cost: Municipal Aggregation is a Huge Success in Massachusetts

Finding great Heat Pump installers and advice

Massachusetts should follow Rhode Island to zero-emission electricity

Rhode Island leaps ahead towards 100% renewable electricity!

3 Climate Policies to Get RI Back on Track for 2030

Heads up: the federal EV tax credit for toyota is about to phase out

Heating Oil Consumers Are Facing a Crisis Next Winter

RI, Get Ready: the EV Rebate is Coming Back

Real People, Real EVs

Changes in Store for the Massachusetts State EV Rebate Program

Getting to 100% Green Electricity: It’s only a matter of when.

What the MA Senate Climate Bill Says About Phasing Out Gasoline

Another Great Year for Climate Legislation in Massachusetts? Apparently. Let’s Hope.

Exploring with Absolute Confidence

Daily Beast: "Green" competitive suppliers are a rip-off

Rhode Islanders:  National Grid is still your utility, at least for now.

Feebates:  A smart, fair way to fund EV rebates

The math on fuel savings

The Code is the Key

Gas Tax Holidays: A Really Bad Idea

Rhode Island Bill Creates Roadmap to Advance Future of Electric Transportation

Powering Municipal Aggregation with Offshore Wind

Electric Vehicle Spotlight: Nissan Ariya

And so it goes – the relationship between fossil fuel dependence and war continues

Electric Vehicle Waitlist

What the Sale of Narragansett Electric Means for RI's Clean Energy Future

RI Needs to Assess the Climate Impacts of Transportation Spending

Cracking the Code on Building Sector Emissions

What’s Plan B for active mobility?  

This Winter Adds to the Evidence: We’re Slow Walking on Climate Action

Is the RI budget good for climate action?

An open letter to the Massachusetts Clean Heat Commission

Survey: MA residents are ready for a smarter electricity system

Stand up for Clean Trucks!

Drive Green: A Year in Review

Best Green Energy Blogs & Webinars of 2021

Our New Tool to Help You Find a Used EV

In Memory of Malcolm Brown, New England's first wind power hero (and mine, too)

Electric Cars and Mineral Mining

Sparky’s Electrifying Tale – a great children’s book you should check out for the holidays

What's Plan B for better transit?

Going Live for Climate this #GivingTuesday

Moving from Massachusetts to Colorado in an Electric Car

The Transportation Climate Initiative is on life support. Do states have better ideas for reducing transportation emissions?

The Public Gets It: We Have to Phase Out Gas-Powered Cars

Gasoline prices are spiking. Electric vehicle drivers are saving.

Act On Climate was a big step for RI. Now let’s work quickly to implement it

Put on a Sweater and Unplug the Second Fridge – Energy this Winter is Going to Be Expensive

Your chance to influence RI's EV charging plan

Say Yes at the DPU part Two: A Modern Grid and Smart Meters for Massachusetts

Massachusetts needs more EV charging. Electric utilities have a plan.

Where to learn about electric cars? Radio, online, in-person & more

Here’s What We Know About the Chevy Bolt Recall

Step into the Future with the New 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5

Should Massachusetts phase out rebates for new oil- and gas-fired systems for heat and hot water?

Guest Blog: How Massachusetts cities & towns are leading our transition to clean energy

Be A Fan Of Fans

Tell your MA state Legislator to get engaged on clean transportation!

National Grid wants to Sell Its Rhode Island Business. Is that in the public interest?

RI Action Alert: Key clean energy legislation coming to a vote in Rhode Island! 

Our enemies are gasoline and the internal combustion engine

Now might be a good time to trade in your ICE bucket for a new electric car

Electric vehicles get cleaner every year. Here's how.

Introducing the 2022 chevrolet bolt eUV

An Opportunity for RI: Four Bills to Act on Climate

Why state policy should favor municipal aggregation

New Electric Truck Incentives in Massachusetts

Governor McKee, Rhode Island needs you to sign the Act On Climate

The Rise of the *Electric* SUV

Massachusetts Charging Incentives Just Got Better

Phasing out gas-powered cars, here and around the world

The Texas power problem – our perspective

Mass. residents, we need you to act on the Clean Energy & Climate Plan

Get Excited for these upcoming Energy webinars

How good is the Mass. Clean Energy and Climate Plan for cleaning up the grid?

What Mass. gets right (and wrong) about transportation in the Clean Energy & Climate Plan

Governor Baker - your climate bill veto was based on bad accounting

New Massachusetts climate Policy and what advocates must do now

Going Beyond 100% Green Power

TCI: a regional agreement to spur climate action

Can Massachusetts Make EV Charging even More Affordable?

Electrifying cars, buses, and trucks will save lives. Why wait?

Offshore Wind puts Rhode Island back on track — but it has to be done right

What should we do about gas heat? A problem from Newport to Northampton

Consumer Reports: Electric cars are cheaper... really!

Policy is rigged to favor gas guzzlers over climate, health, & consumers

We Need the Transportation & Climate Initiative and It Must Be Equitable.  Advocates and Governors, Let's Get it Done Right

Getting to 100% Renewable Energy in Rhode Island

Ending Gas-Powered Car Sales by 2035 is Doable

Larry went on the Energy Nerd Show to Talk about Smart Charging EVs

Why I Leased a Chevrolet Bolt instead of Keeping my Malibu

Rhode Island Needs a Better Energy Efficiency Plan

We Saw A Peak: Will We See More?

Looking for an electric SUV? Here’s what’s coming.

Appliance Standards & Shave the Peak: Action Week for Efficiency

The Violence of Pollution: The Injustice of Rolling Back Clean Air Protections

The surprising overlap between heat pumps and electric cars

Massachusetts Expands MOR-EV Program

Municipal Aggregation in Massachusetts is Being Slowed Down by State Government: Consumers & The Environment Are Paying The Price

The EVs of the Seas - Cargo Ships, Sailboats, Yachts, and ferries

Shave the Peak in the Era of COVID: Summer is Coming

5 things I learned from buying a used electric car

Spend less on car maintenance with an EV

Climate Change & Racism: Two Inconvenient Truths

Ask an EV Owner Webinars

Q&A with Rhode Island energy leaders: Highlights from our May 18th Spring Meeting

Where's the peak in the era of COVID?

The Road to Net-Zero is Paved by Electric Buses

Hey Congress – please fix the federal tax credit for electric cars

Smart EV Charging Habits

Five Climate Change Lessons from COVID-19

Massachusetts Formalizes Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050...What's the Plan for 2030?

Electric Pick-ups Beyond the Tesla Cybertruck

A Golden Anniversary for Earth Day

Across the US and Back in a Fully Electric Vehicle

Medium-Duty Electric Vans and Shuttle Buses

How To Avoid Getting Greenwashed

Webinar Recap: Buying a Pre-Owned Electric Car

In Times of COVID-19, Clean Air Matters

Our Energy World in the COVID-19 Era

Making the Most of EV Batteries with Vehicle-To-Grid

New Renewable Energy Projects Spotlight

COVID-19: A message from Green Energy Consumers Alliance

Electric Car Tax Credits, Explained

A Model to Eliminate Emissions from Cars by 2035

Renewable Energy Is Affordable – Look At These Off-Shore Wind Prices

Green Municipal Aggregation is a Huge Success in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Should Put a Stop to Deceptive Green Power Marketing

The Buzz Around Bolts

2020 Could be a Good Year for Climate Policy in Massachusetts

Turning Governor Raimondo's executive order on 100% renewable energy into action in 2020

EV Envy: Drive Green Members Share why they Love Their EVs