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How to Get Trusted Advice on Heat Pumps for your Home

Converting our heating systems from fossil fuels to electric heat pumps is an urgent step in our process of cleaning up our act in the face of mounting climate catastrophes. Both Massachusetts and Rhode Island have ambitious goals and generous incentives to speed that transition, but figuring out when and how to make the switch for your own property remains a complicated question.

Getting trusted advice – independent of the sales process – is a huge help for consumers seeking to replace a failing oil furnace or reduce their carbon emissions. Now, as of February 2nd, most Massachusetts residents have access to an incredibly valuable source of advice. Mass Save has followed the example of Clean Heat Rhode Island and now offers “no-cost” 45-minute virtual consultations with heat pump experts. These “decarbonization consultations” allow you to learn in-depth about the equipment and incentives that might be appropriate to your home’s particular architecture and occupants. If you have questions related only to the incentives, you can opt to schedule a 15-minute appointment instead of a full 45-minute one. 

MassSave website screenshot

clean heat RI consultation-1-1With Clean Heat Rhode Island you can schedule your consultation right from the website. Likewise, if you live in a Mass Save community you can now schedule an appointment on the Mass Save website. Some municipal power companies also offer this service or a reduced rate on consultations: check this list, if you live in a community with municipal power.

Consumer protection is always at the core of our mission, and we welcome this big step forward for those who have not yet switched their heating to renewable power. 



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