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Everything you need to know about the Massachusetts MOR-EV rebate program in 2024

As we step into the new year, electric vehicle enthusiasts and potential buyers in Massachusetts have reason to celebrate with the latest updates to the Massachusetts MOR-EV program. This groundbreaking initiative, aimed at promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across the state, has undergone several enhancements over the last several months, making it even more attractive for consumers. In this blog, we will do a bit of a refresher on all the programs under the MOR-EV umbrella: MOR-EV Standard, MOR-EV Used, MOR-EV+, MOR-EV Trucks, plus talk about MOR-EV Trade-in and the exciting new point-of-sale feature.


MOR-EV Standard 

MOR-EV Standard continues to incentivize the purchase or lease of new, eligible battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). The rebate is $3,500 and is available either at point-of-sale or post-purchase (more on that later).

Car dealership

How do you know if you and your chosen vehicle qualify for MOR-EV Standard? The consumer and their vehicle of choice must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be a Massachusetts resident, a business or non-profit organization located and licensed to operate in MA. 
  • The vehicle must have a total manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $55,000 or less. Note that MSRP includes the destination fee.  
  • If leasing, the terms must be at least 36 months.


MOR-EV Used 

The introduction of MOR-EV Used expands the program’s reach by encouraging the purchase of used EVs. The program is designed to make EVs more accessible to a broader audience, fostering the growth of the EV market. This program offers a $3,500 rebate either at point-of-sale or post-purchase.  

However, MOR-EV Used is an income-qualifying program. That means consumers must either participate in an income-qualifying program or have one of the below modified adjusted gross incomes (AGI): 

  • $150,000 for married filing jointly or a surviving spouse 
  • $112,500 for heads of households 
  • $75,000 for all other filers 

You can receive the MOR-EV Used rebate at point-of-sale if you pre-qualify by applying online or else apply for the rebate post-purchase. Note the final purchase price of any used vehicle must be $40,000 or less and the car model year must be at least 2 years earlier than the calendar year during which it was purchased/leased. 



Tailored for lower-income consumers, MOR-EV+ offers enhanced incentives, ensuring that individuals with varying financial capabilities can benefit from EV ownership/leasing. This means there is an additional $1,500 stackable rebate (with MOR-EV Used, MOR-EV Standard, and MOR-EV Trade-In) for MA residents who participate in one of the income-qualifying programs 

Like MOR-EV Used, MOR-EV+ consumers must pre-qualify by applying online to receive the rebate point-of-sale or receive the rebate post-purchase when they apply online.  


MOR-EV Trucks 

MOR-EV Trucks has been around for a little while now, but it’s worth mentioning again. MOR-EV Trucks is a $7,500 rebate that incentivizes the purchases and leases of light-duty battery electric pickup trucks and other heavier vehicles. Rebates are available for the following: 

  • MA residents. 
  • Private businesses licensed to do business in MA. 
  • Non-profit organizations licensed to operate in MA. 
  • Educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and universities. 
  • Local, Municipal and State governments and departments. 

A list of eligible vehicle Class 2a/b trucks (in other words, the ones individual consumers might purchase) can be found below. For the full list of heavy-duty vehicles click here.

Make & Model Years
Chevrolet Silverado EV 3WT 2024 
Chevrolet Silverado EV 4WT  2024 
Ford E-Transit  2022-2023 
Ford F-150 Lightning  2022-2023 
Rivian R1S  2022-2023 
Rivian R1T 2022-2023 

Ford f150

Unlike the previously mentioned programs, MOR-EV Trucks is only available post-purchase. Consumers will have to apply online within 90 days of purchasing or leasing a truck. The good news is that MOR-EV Trucks is stackable with the $1,500 MOR-EV+ rebate. 


MOR-EV Trade-In 

The MOR-EV Trade-In is the newest MOR-EV program. It incentivizes the trade-in of older, gasoline-powered vehicles for electric vehicles. The rebate is for an additional $1,000 and is stackable with MOR-EV+, MOR-EV Standard, and MOR-EV Used.  

MOR-EV Trade-In has quite a few requirements for gasoline-powered vehicle eligibility. All vehicles must:  

  • Have been traded-in on or after August 8, 2023  
  • Have been up to date on inspections preceding the trade-in, demonstrated by providing a vehicle inspection report from Massachusetts Vehicle Check. 
  • Be a gas car that’s not a hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle. 
  • Be at least 12 years old based on the model year at the time of trade-in. 
  • Have market value, demonstrated by its trade-in value subtracted on the purchase or lease agreement. 
  • Have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 8,500 pounds or less. 
  • Be traded in at a licensed MA dealership at the time of purchase or lease of a new or used eligible vehicle. 
  • Have been registered in MA to the applicant or applicant’s immediate family for at least 2 years before the trade-in date. 

trade in

MOR-EV Trade-In is not available point-of-sale. MA residents must apply online within 90 days of purchasing or leasing. Required documentation to apply includes: 

  •  A MA Driver’s license or other valid form of MA residency. 
  • A copy of the MA registration certificate for the rebated vehicle (MOR-EV Standard or MOR-EV Used). 
  • A copy of the final sales or lease contract with an itemization of credits, discounts, and incentives received and the value of the trade-in vehicle subtracted. 
  • A copy of the MA registration certificate for the trade-in vehicle. 
  • A copy of the trade-in vehicle inspection report from Massachusetts Vehicle Check. 

 Further details on how to apply can be found here.  


Summary of MOR-EV Rebate 

The many iterations of the MOR-EV rebate program are exciting in the benefits they can offer consumers. To make this more digestible, we’ve come up with this chart to show you your total rebate amount.  

MOR-EV Program Rebate MOR-EV+ Trade-In Total Possible
MOR-EV Standard $3,500 $1,500 $1,000  $6,000
MOR-EV Trucks $7,500 $1,500 $0 $9,000
MOR-EV Used $3,500 $1,500 $1,000 $6,000


More on the Point-of-Sale Process

The point-of-sale feature is a game-changer, allowing eligible consumers to receive MOR-EV rebates instantly, eliminating post-purchase paperwork and delays. Unfortunately, not all dealerships are participating in the MOR-EV point-of-sale program. Consumers can check if a dealership is participating in the program on MOR-EV’s website 

Remember which programs are eligible for point-of-sale with this chart:

MOR-EV Program Rebate Eligible for Point-of-Sale
MOR-EV Standard  $3,500  Yes
MOR-EV Used $3,500  Yes* 
MOR-EV+ $1,500 Yes* 
MOR-EV Truck $7,500  No
MOR-EV Trade-In $1,000  No
*Applicants must be pre-approved for point-of-sale

If applying for a MOR-EV program post-purchase, you can apply online here for most programs and here for MOR-EV Trucks. As for MOR-EV Trade-In, you must apply for this rebate post purchase. 



There are many new and exciting developments on the way for electric vehicles. We are thrilled to see all the new developments coming out of the MA MOR-EV rebate program and are excited for consumers to be able to stack state incentives.  

We try to bring you information about federal and state incentives (Rhode Island update here) for those who want to buy or lease an EV. In December, we posted this blog about recent changes to the federal tax credit. However, changes keep coming and we will post another update soon.