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Another Great Example of What a Clean Heat Standard Can Do for Us

Our organization has been advocating for a Clean Heat Standard (CHS) in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. A clean heat standard gives energy suppliers options for meeting their obligations, but the logic of the standard is straightforward: It would require heating energy providers to implement clean heat services.

boston globe feature imageWe have worked with legislators in both states to file bills that would establish the policy. Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is working towards establishing a CHS by regulation. For the most part, Mass. DEP is on the right track, but their current draft would at first define clean heat services as being heat pumps and biofuels blended with heating oil. The draft does not include heat pump water heaters, electric clothes dryers, and electric stoves.

Related to all this, on March 3, the Boston Globe ran a story about a great project in Boston that would allow residents of public housing to switch from gas to stoves with electric coil or induction. As the article points out, there are three different benefits – environment, health, and equity.

With a Clean Heat Standard, projects like this can be brought to scale, eventually to every home.

This is timely! Mass. DEP is holding virtual community meetings on March 7th at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Learn more and register.

We are waiting for the Rhode Island legislature to set a date and time for a hearing on the Clean Heat Standard bill. Stay tuned.