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Support the Rhode island Building Decarbonization Act!

UPDATE JUNE 6 2024: The Building Decarbonization Act urgently needs your help to pass in the House!

Call the Governor & Speaker:

Please take action by calling Governor McKee and Speaker Shekarchi’s offices before Friday, June 14! Speak to a staff member, or leave a message. They will be tallying your calls!

Governor McKee's office: (401) 222-2080 

Speaker Shekarchi's office: (401) 222-2447

Here's what to say:

"Hello, my name is [Name], and I live in [City/Town], RI.  I am calling to ask Speaker Shekarchi to support the Building Decarbonization Act (H-7617, and S-2952) and sign it into law this session." 



There are weeks not months left in Rhode Island’s 2024 legislative session, which means we must act urgently to pass crucial legislation for climate. 

This year, our top priority is the Building Decarbonization Act (H7617/S2952), as Rhode Island is not currently on track to achieve the emissions reductions required by the Act on Climate, and that is especially true in the building sector which makes up over a third of the state's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Building Decarbonization Act is a critical first step to start to address emissions from both existing buildings and new construction by requiring large buildings to report their energy usage and subsequently reduce their emissions, and by phasing in all-electric new construction. You can read more about the bill here.


May 20th: Contact your state senator and representative!  

We see this bill as the #1 bill this session to start to address emissions from the building sector and implement the Act on Climate. Your voice is needed to help legislators connect the dots between this bill and climate action. 

Find contact information for your legislators here:  

Here's an action alert you can use to easily email your legislators.  

Remember to personalize your email. Don’t feel like you need to explain what the bill does or how it works; focus on why you care about climate action.  

Thanks for your support!

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