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Three insights on recent volatility in the heating oil market

Oil truck drivers trudge through record snowfall to keep tanks full.

This heating season, not quite done, has been one for the record books. Huge amounts of snow, very cold weather, but also a big drop in oil prices compared to last year categorized the winter. And it’s been the best year for Mass Energy/People’s Power & Light Discount Heating Oil Service members in a long time. Compared to surveys conducted by the state energy offices in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, throughout this winter our members have paid 44 cents less than full-service dealer prices in Massachusetts and 35 cents less than full-service dealer prices in Rhode Island, after adjusting for heating degree days. 

Phil Lindsay & Larry Chretien

Heating System Upgrades, Step-by-step Part 2: Upgrading in Rhode Island

In a recent post we provided Massachusetts residents with a step-by-step guide to making heating system upgrades using Mass Save rebates to replace their aging heating systems with more efficient models. Rhode Island also has incentive programs available to help upgrade heating systems and make other energy efficiency improvements in Rhode Island homes. Rhode Island residents can lower their energy costs by following these steps:

Meredith Geraghty

NOW is the time to set up your heating oil budget plan

Is there such thing as peace of mind when it comes to heating oil bills? A budget plan may be the answer. Signing up for a budget plan through your oil dealer is a good way to spread out your oil bill into 10 to 12 monthly payments, making oil bills more like a regular utility. Your cost is fairly even and there are no surprise huge oil bills that sneak up on you. It also helps dealers plan, reduce their costs and become more efficient.

Picture of Katy Kidwell Katy Kidwell

Heating Oil 101: Why is the cost of service rising?

The Cost of Heating Oil

You may have noticed throughout the past few years that the cost of a service policy has gone up significantly. In the summer of 2013, Mass Energy looked around to see what was happening in the industry, and found that there had been a 19% increase* in the average renewal price for service contracts over the last 5 years[1]. Why?

Picture of Erin Taylor Erin Taylor

Early Boiler and Furnace Replacement

Heating System Maintenance With Mass Save

Have you been thinking about replacing your heating system? Most people wait until their system collapses, but recent improvements in heating system designs means that you might be throwing away good money if you wait to replace your heating system until you have to. And now, Mass Save is offering incentives for upgrading older furnaces and boilers.

Loie Hayes