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Electric car charging just got easier


Sabetti charging his Nissan LEAF at work

What's involved with charging an electric car? Just ask Doug Sabetti, a resident of Newport and founder of Newport Solar, a family owned and operated solar company. Last year he purchased an all-electric Nissan LEAF and enjoys carbon-free driving and sometimes free charging at electric car charging stations across Rhode Island.

Buying an EV was both a practical and ethical decision for Sabetti, who owns a rooftop solar array that covers 100% of his electricity costs at home. Driving electric also reduces his carbon footprint and emissions, so it’s a win-win for the planet and his wallet.


Cut the carbon and the costs

1.5.18 EV charging-02

“It’s so inexpensive to own and operate an electric vehicle,” says Sabetti, who also owns an off-grid solar powered yurt in Utah. “Over the last year and a half I’ve only spent $114 on my EV, and all it needed was a software update.”

In addition to lower-maintenance expenses, electric cars also cost less to fuel up. It is cheaper to drive a mile on electricity than it is to drive a mile on gasoline. Don’t believe us? We’ve done the math for you to demonstrate the cost savings. 

With a 100 mile range on his Nissan LEAF (the 2018 LEAF has a range of 151 miles), Sabetti says planning is key to driving an all-electric car. At home he has a Level II charging unit where he can fully charge his car in less than three hours. With a Level I charger, the charge time doubles to about six to seven hours for the Nissan LEAF. To learn more about different charging levels check out our EV charging page.

Charging on the go

When he’s not at home, Sabetti charges his EV at public charging stations across Rhode Island. “I use three apps that tell me where different electric car charging stations are located.” There are more charging stations in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts than most people might think already, but many more will be built in the next couple of years.

But if you don’t want to wait until then, you can also install a Level II charging unit at home. Sabetti's solar company is part of our network of licensed and insured electricians. They install Level II charging units for new EV owners who want faster charging at home.

 I want to help people find dependable, quality installers so they have a good experience from day one.

If you have an EV and are ready to install a Level II charging unit email us to get paired with a licensed electrician in your area today.

Don't have an EV yet? You can sign up to test drive an electric car at a local dealership through our Drive Green program and get connected with an electrician at the same time.

"When I heard about PP&L’s program that puts new EV owners with vetted charging station installers, I absolutely wanted to be part of it,” says Sabetti, who is a certified photovoltaic (PV) installation professional. “I want to help people find dependable, quality installers so they have a good experience from day one.”

With the Volkswagen settlement bringing millions of dollars into the region, Sabetti is excited to see plans to electrify the transportation sector with more electric buses and electric car charging stations.

“I believe in energy independence and energy education, as well as enabling people to take control of how and when they make and use energy,” adds Sabetti.