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Rhys Webb & Devan DiLibero

Medium-Duty Electric Vans and Shuttle Buses

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the transportation sector is arguably one of the most promising sectors in terms of switching to clean energy. Transportation accounts for 43% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in MA and 36% of emissions in RI. Electric vehicles are, therefore, one of the keys to reaching both states’ long term climate goals. Our Drive Green program helps to put electric passenger vehicles on the road, but we’d like to draw your attention to another part of the market: medium-duty vehicles. The medium-duty segment of the market has not kept pace with light-duty (passenger) electric vehicles. Beyond passenger cars, we frequently get asked about electric passenger vans and shuttles for institutions around New England, like schools, research institutions, hospitals, and private companies. Here’s what you should know about electrified medium-duty vehicle market in 2020.

Rhys Webb & Devan DiLibero