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Rhys Webb

The Buzz Around Bolts


If you read our last EV owners blog, then you probably already know a little about what makes people so passionate about their electric vehicles—regenerative braking, quick pick-up, no noise, and of course, zero emissions! Because of this passion, we’ve sold a lot of cars through Drive Green, and the Chevrolet Bolt has consistently been one of the most popular. I spoke with some of our dedicated electric vehicle (EV) owners to see why they’re so committed to their Bolts.

Rhys Webb

EV Envy: Drive Green Members Share why they Love Their EVs

With electric vehicles consistently gaining more and more media attention, we wanted to share what it was that made electric vehicle (EV) owners love their cars so much. I reached out to some of our members who have purchased a vehicle through Drive Green, and they assured me that whether you’re looking to drive across the country, zip through city streets, or even replace your motorcycle, there’s an EV for you! Check out what they had to say below.

Rhys Webb