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Puanoa A. Higginson

Green Power Program Associate at Mass Energy.

Climate Change: its impact on the Fa’a Samoa (the Samoan Way) and my aiga

Our Climate Change Perspectives mini-blog series is a 3-part series that brings to light the personal impacts of climate change on Green Energy Consumers' staff members' lives. This series aims to clarify what is at stake for people around the world and how those realities influence the choices we make on a daily basis.

Pua Higginson is our phenomenal Marketing & Outreach Coordinator.

Puanoa A. Higginson

Another Year of Clean Energy Success: Mass Energy's 33rd Annual Meeting

On Wednesday, October 21st 2015, Mass Energy celebrated 33 years of working to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Those who attended the meeting will remember Executive Director Larry Chretien’s reference to Mass Energy as being akin to the “platypus of the animal kingdom”— highlighting Mass Energy’s unique structure as a non-profit run like a business. Larry referred to Mass Energy as a “social business”, composed of people who understand that there is more than one way of making energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Puanoa A. Higginson

Green Power Member Spotlight: Susanne Altenburger

The “Member Spotlight” series highlights the individuals that make our organization great. Each post tells the story of an outstanding Mass Energy or PP&L member. By sharing their stories we hope to spread the word about their unique efforts and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Meet Susanne Altenburger, New England GreenStart member since 2009 and long-time energy efficiency expert. As she explains “there is a certain philosophy behind the price you pay when you have bad habits.” Eliminating these energy “bad habits” through efficiency is key for Susanne. After researching the fundamentals of and determining what low-carbon construction is all about, she found that many of us spend way too much money on wasted energy. By minimizing her wasted energy and greening up the small amount of energy she does use with Mass Energy, Altenburger has forged a model energy lifestyle.

Puanoa A. Higginson