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Building Decarbonization & Building Decarbonization

Posted by Larry Chretien, Amanda Barker & Carrie Katan on Monday, May 08, 2023 @ 03:00 PM

In Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and most other states, the building sector is second only to transportation in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For states that have already passed laws committing to serious GHG reductions, there is no way to avoid making a timely transition to clean heat (i.e. switching from methane, heating oil, and propane to electrification).  

But what’s a decarbonizer to do, exactly? Let's assess some of the options that are on the table for state governments. Spoiler alert: These are all excellent policies, but each one is insufficient. None of them are capable on their own of reducing building sector emissions 50% by 2030 or to net zero by 2050. But together they can.

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Tags: Energy policy & advocacy, Energy efficiency, Phasing out fossil fuels