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Local Wind Turbine Updates in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

We like to keep our members and the general public updated on renewable energy progress in New England. Our green power updates will tell you a little more about what’s going on in renewable energy construction. All of these up-and-coming projects are being supported by Mass Energy/People’s Power & Light members!


Coventry Rhode Island is currently planning two 1.5 MW wind turbines on the former Picillo Farm. The developer, Wind Energy Development, LLC plans to sell the electricity generated from one of the turbines to the town for twenty years.  The project is fully permitted and financing almost complete. It’s currently estimated to be operational by late summer of 2015!


Good news for Portsmouth, RI! It is possible that the 1.5 MW wind turbine sited at Portsmouth High School will be re-commissioned and spinning again within 3-6 months. In June, the Portsmouth Town Council approved a funding plan to re-commission the 336-foot-tall wind turbine, which has been out of service since June 2012 because of a broken gearbox.

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation approved a plan to delay the repayment of the $370,000 loan which enabled the town to build the turbine back in 2009. This allows the town to withhold its annual principle and interest payments for the next 9 years so the town can repair the turbine (Read the Providence Journal article on recommissioning)! Additionally, Mass Energy and People’s Power & Light pledge a 10 year contract to support the turbine by purchasing its RECs on behalf of members.

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 Portsmouth’s local wind turbine

Lynn, MA: 

The new 660 kW wind turbine at the Water & Sewer Commission in Lynn, Massachusetts has been spinning since winter 2014. Check out the turbine’s website, which monitors its output! The turbine is fully operational and will receive a paint job and other maintenance soon.

Mass Energy’s Erin Taylor is excited that the Lynn turbine is up and spinning


An 8 MW wind farm is being constructed at the Mann family farm (a cranberry bog!). The project, consisting of four wind turbines, is fully permitted and financing is almost complete. It’s currently estimated to be operational in late summer of 2015!  Once completed, this will be one the largest privately owned wind power projects with the tallest wind turbines in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Stay tuned for future updates. 

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