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Earth Day Special: Real-Life Energy-Saving Tips

Earth Day is Near! 

As a non-profit committed to making energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable, we’re positive that energy efficiency is a home run. That’s why we are using Earth Day 2014 to get the word out about how our members are saving energy—and how you can too!

Next Tuesday, April 22, is Earth Day, and this blog will launch what we hope will be a practical and useful article: Our TOP MEMBER TIPS to save energy and money in your home.

Mass Energy/People’s Power & Light has two groups of members: our 13,000 Discount Heating Oil Service members work with us to get a better price on oil with a full-service dealer, and to save oil to save money. Meanwhile, our 7,000 green power members choose clean, healthy renewable energy for their electricity needs. Both groups of members are energy-savvy, and have already provided some great tips!

Here are a couple of teasers:

In the winter put 3 or 4 one gallon milk jugs outside to freeze. Then, put two in your fridge every two or three days. They are colder than what your fridge calls for, so your fridge will use less energy.

-George S., Discount Heating Oil Service member

Make frames, similar to a screen frame, covered on two sides with Frost King window insulation kits to fit in your windows. [They are easily installed and removed from your windows when the season changes]. In the spring, stash them to use next year. Easily patched with clear plastic tape, mine have lasted over 10 years.

-Brian Q., New England Wind green power member

You can submit your best energy saving tips, like this one, by Thursday April 17 at noon. Whoever gives us the best tip wins TWO free zip-lining passes to our summer event in Berkshire East Canopy Tours (you must be a Mass Energy or People’s Power & Light member to wind). So submit your tip today and get the word out on how easy it is to be energy efficient!

Then, tune in on Earth Day, April 22, to read the TOP TIPS from our members on saving energy in your home. Maybe you will find a new way to cut your bills and lessen your carbon footprint! If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, make sure you subscribe today!

See you on Earth Day!